Cyber Monday RTX 3070 Laptop Deals: All the Models You Can Buy Right Now

Nvidia’s RTX 3070 is a seriously capable laptop gaming GPU — armed with 5,120 CUDA cores, 8GB GDDR6 video memory and a boost clock speed up to 1,620 MHz.

Regardless of how good the graphics card is, you may have a challenge finding portable systems sporting one. That’s why we’re doing this big round up of all the major-brand RTX 3070 laptops you can buy (in the U.S.), along with links to where you can pick one up.

A quick disclaimer: we have not tested all of these laptops, so we won’t be talking about their overall performance; for that, we maintain a list of the best gaming laptops overall, which includes some RTX 3070 models. But since stock issues continue — both for the best graphics cards and the systems that contain them — sometimes your top choice is the one you can find for sale today.

There are so many promotions and it’s difficult to separate the hype from the actual bargains. Although Black Friday is over now, the deals continue as we look to Cyber Monday.

RTX 3070 gaming laptop deals

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Looking for a little more GPU power? Here are all the RTX 3080 laptops you can buy right now. Or if you want AMD graphics instead of Nvidia, you can see the Radeon RX 6000 laptops here. Don’t need all that performance? The RTX 3060 laptops list is right over here.

Alienware RTX 3070 laptops

Alienware gives you a breadth of customization options for each of its RTX 3070 laptops — allowing you to get the best balance of specs for your investment. The downside of this is shipping times can be anywhere from one week to two months, depending on whether you buy direct from Dell (usually slower) or from a third-party seller such as Amazon or Best Buy.

Asus RTX 3070 laptops

You will find RTX 3070 versions of all the mainline laptops in Asus’ lineup — from beasty gaming rigs to creative pro systems. Plus, you can snap one up and get it delivered pretty quickly too, with windows up to a week.

Gigabyte RTX 3070 Laptops

Much like Asus, Gigabyte applies the RTX 3070 to both gaming and power user workstation systems. This results in a wide variety of choices, all of which are very competitively priced and available for delivery within a week.

HP RTX 3070 Laptops

HP have packed the RTX 3070 into some of their OMEN branded gaming laptops. 

Lenovo RTX 3070 laptops

Lenovo has only two gaming laptops with NVIDIA RTX 3070 graphics power inside — both of which run on AMD CPUs. 

MSI RTX 3070 laptops

There are a lot of competitively priced laptops on this list, but MSI has swung in and given us the cheapest RTX 3070 laptop on this list. Just two to pick from, but both are capable gaming rigs with delivery available within a week.

Razer RTX 3070 laptops

Razer’s gaming laptops always come with a bit of a price premium, and that’s no different for the company’s RTX 3070 systems. Shipping varies between immediate availability and a month.

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