Cyber Monday Deal: Save Money on an Xbox Series S and an Extra Controller – CNET

You can save money this Cyber Monday on an Xbox Series S with 512GB of storage plus an extra controller. Normally this bundle would cost you $370, but this Walmart deal brings the bundle’s price down to $290, saving you $80. 

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I bought my Series S shortly after its release in 2020 after a lot of back and forth over whether I wanted this console or its larger, more expensive sibling, the Xbox Series X. Since then I’ve used the Series S for gaming and streaming content almost every day, and I don’t know why I ever debated buying the Series X. 

The Series S has enough power to handle my streaming needs and play the latest games, including Starfield and Lies of P, without any hiccups or graphical issues. Sure, it has a lower resolution than the Series X, but even after seeing side-by-side videos and photos of both consoles working simultaneously, I can’t tell much of a difference.

One major downside to the Series S is it doesn’t have an optical disc drive. That means if you have a game disc for newer or older games, you can’t play them on the Series S. However, if you pair the Series S with the Xbox Game Pass subscription service — which starts at $10 a month and allows you to access a digital library of new and old games — you won’t notice the missing disc drive.

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