Crocs and Jibbitz Are on Sale Right Now

I’m just going to come right out and say it: Crocs are awesome. Your kids might already be convinced. I’m the proud owner of multiple pairs, ranging from fleece-lined Crocs that keep my cold toes warm in the winter to platform glittery shoes that make me feel très trendy. 

Several different styles of Crocs’ famous slip-on shoes are on sale right now, along with adorable shoe charms called Jibbitz (also from Crocs). The Jibbitz come in a huge range of themes and add some flair to the holes sprinkled over each pair of shoes. Basically, if you’re Crocs-curious, now is a great time to check them out. (This deal was shared early with our Deals newsletter subscribers, so consider subscribing!)

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Why Crocks Rock

Crocs are slip-on shoes with tons of ventilation and comfort. They can be converted from slip-ons to “sport mode,” where you can sling the front strap behind your ankle for better grip. I love wearing them around the house or while running errands. They’re great while camping—keep them in your tent to keep grass and mud out—or slip them on for a quick walk to the bathroom in the middle of the night. They’re also lightweight and easy to clean. The resinous material doesn’t get stinky, no matter how often you wear them. Finally, they’re affordable—even more so now, thanks to this sale.

Croc and Jibbitz Deals  

Photograph: Amazon

Below, you’ll find a selection of Crocs on sale and Jibbitz too. You can attach Jibbitz to the holes in your Crocs to personalize them, kind of like adding stickers to a water bottle

These unisex clogs are extra-popular in this color. The price is different based on color and size, but they start as low as $27. 

If you’re a flip-flops person, these lightweight cushioned sandals would be great for summer. Also, they float! You can take them to the beach or lake with fewer worries. 

This deal is less enticing based on historic pricing data, but it’s still about the lowest these tend to drop. I wear my fuzzy-lined clogs nearly every day in winter. They can get a little sweaty if you wear them all day, but the trade-off for warmth is worthwhile. 

Photograph: Amazon

I recently bought these in the glittery Moon Jelly color and I absolutely love them. The platform is comfortable enough to wear all day. Also, look how sparkly!

This pack includes a freaking bottle opener shoe charm. Talk about a cool party trick. 

Photograph: Amazon

This summery assortment of charms includes a watermelon slice and a happy little flower. 

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