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Meet the custom-made Hadoro OnePlus 6

If you like the OnePlus 6 but fancy a more luxurious design to match your Lamborghini, then this is the phone for you.

At its heart is a regular OnePlus 6, but it’s been given a full makeover by luxury French brand Hadoro. Gone is the metal back of the regular phone, replaced instead with this carbon and aluminium wave design, finished with a light-up OnePlus logo in the middle.

They’re hand-made of course, each phone’s wave-like look unique. The cost? A cool 2,700 euros, which equates to £2,408 here in the UK, $3,156 in the US or AU$4,880 in Australia.

A touch more expensive than the OnePlus 6’s usual asking price of £469.

Published:Caption:Photo:Andrew Hoyle/CNET