CES Liveblog: Smart Home, Workout Tech, and So Many TVs

The Chinese home entertainment brand Konka is introducing a new line of smart home devices to its North American offerings. With a basic lineup of security cameras, video doorbells, smart plugs, and lights (with some variation in each group), all controlled by a singular app, the company is hoping to make smart home integration simple.

All will work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and if you have a Konka TV, which were released in the US last year, you can use that as a hub for your smart home devices.

If the price is right when they’re released later this year, the simple lineup could be a solid option for smart home beginners. Some companies offer a dizzying array of products with miniscule differences, but Konka plans to start with just what’s necessary, For example, its smart lighting options include one A19 smart bulb for most light fixtures, a high hat bulb for recessed lighting, and a light strip, recently made popular again by cool TikTok teens. Its lineup also includes some smart TVs, smart doorbells, security cams, and smart plugs.

Medea Giordano

This Keyboard App Claims to Reduce Tipos Typos by 80 percent

Typewise Keyboard

Video: Typewise 

In July 2020, the Swiss keyboard startup Typewise raised about $1 million for a 100 percent private “next word prediction engine” that would boost productivity by eliminating typos and providing personalized, tailored autocorrecting solutions. That tech is still being developed. But right now, they have an app with a distinctive honeycomb keyboard that they claim is two-thumb-friendly and reduces typos by up to 80 percent.

This will be an interesting space to watch, as small companies raise their slingshots against giants like Apple and Google. But this small, helpful app already has more than 500,000 downloads, which makes it much more real and useful than most of the weird, wacky vaporware that I’m used to seeing at CES. If it can stop constantly replacing all the you-know-whats with “ducking” in my texts, that alone would increase my productivity by at least 50 percent. 

You can download Typewise here.

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Samsung’s Mini LED Takeover Begins

Photograph: Samsung