Biggest tech stories of 2020 video – CNET

This is C|net, and here’s a quick look back at the biggest stories of 2020. The new decade brought a global pandemic, and a new way of life. Zoom was the software of choice helping us with homeschooling, and remote work, but the platform also face security issues, and a new word for virtual gatecrashers, Zoom bombing. We saw the rise of virtual events like DC fandom and Apple and Samsung launches that went totally online. Entertainment went online to with blockbusters like Milan and Wonder Woman 84 going straight to streaming and Warner Brothers announced all its movies would stream on HBO max in 2021. The Biggest Loser of the year after sinking more than a billion dollars into short form mobile content Quibi finally quit in October. Politics dominated social media in 2020, but it was also a year for online misinformation. Conspiracy theories went viral, Q Anon spread across social channels. And even president Donald Trump had his tweets hidden for spreading misleading information about COVID-19. In Washington the CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, and Google were holed before Congress to answer questions about political bias, even Tik Tok, wasn’t safe. President Trump signed an executive order effectively banning the Chinese anti social company before a federal judge blocked the ban in December. 5G continued its rise with the launch of the first 5G laptop and first 5G iPhones. But with limited network coverage, we’re still waiting for this one to take over the world. And even though we were stuck inside, we still had reasons to look to the sky, with SpaceX and NASA joining forces for the first ever launch of a privately funded spacecraft on US soil. And as the year closed, we were left with a ray of light in the form of COVID-19 vaccines. Not only was this the fastest vaccine development in history, but it also left us with hope that 2021 will be a better year. [MUSIC]