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As nice as your new TV may sound, you’ll really want a dedicated soundbar for top performance. Built-in speakers just can’t compare to speaker systems when it comes to watching your favorite sports, and that’s why you want the best soundbars for sports to get the job done right. And while they tend to get pricey, there are affordable options out there. 

Systems start at around $100 with features including Bluetooth streaming audio and HDMI, while the more expensive systems add Dolby Atmos decoding and 4K video switching. No matter your budget, you can find something to heighten your sports-watching experience. Then, when the game’s over, our picks will continue to sound good with everything you throw at them.

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If you want better sound than the Roku, the Polk Signa S4 offers superlative audio performance helped along by a potent, wireless subwoofer. This soundbar offers the best of all worlds — great dialogue during games, excellent spatial Atmos performance, and it’s a dab hand at music.

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The Sonos Beam offers the envelopment of a roaring stadium with just a single speaker due to its excellent surround-sound engine. It will even do a great job of Dolby Atmos soundtracks, too. As a Sonos speaker you can also be sure that it sounds fantastic with your favorite tunes.

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Say you already have a stereo amp or receiver and want to upgrade your main speakers? Improving your system’s sound quality doesn’t come more affordable than the amazing Elac Debut 2.0 B6.2. It will lift veils from your existing system’s dialogue and breathe new life into music. Don’t miss that play again!

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If you want the full surround-sound sporting experience, then you’ll want actual rear speakers. The Vizio Elevate soundbar includes rears and a subwoofer, offers excellent sound and a bunch of useful features, including a nifty revolving speaker for Dolby Atmos effects.

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