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NRG Clean Power

Best in California and Texas

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Renu Energy Solutions

Great option for the Carolinas

The companies providing quotes may differ from those described in our independent reviews.

What is the best overall solar company?

Palmetto Solar is CNET’s top rated solar company for 2024 thanks to the high marks we gave it for customer service and the quality solar panels and solar battery choices it offers. Most of the solar installers we’ve reviewed offer quality equipment and get high customer service marks, but we found that Palmetto offered greater price transparency and some of the more robust and detailed customer service plans we’d encountered. Palmetto operates in 26 states, including many of the most populous ones, but if Palmetto isn’t available to you or doesn’t offer you the best deal, you can find other companies we’ve scored highly below.

Best solar companies of 2024

The first few months of 2024 have been an odd time for the solar industry. Last year, new federal tax incentives caused a boom of solar installations before a precipitous drop in California, the country’s largest residential solar market. California’s NEM 3.0 policy has seriously hurt net metering incentives in the state. Paired with high interest rates that make it harder for people to finance solar systemsit’s led to 17,000 layoffs in the state, according to the California Solar and Storage Association, and businesses closing up shop. That includes CNET’s previously highest rated solar company, ADT Solar, which closed its solar business in January 2024.

This best list draws from national and notable installers of (mostly) rooftop solar panels. Our selections might change as we review more companies or as companies change their offerings. I’ve written or edited each of the reviews this best list draws from and developed our scoring methodology. Throughout this process, I’ve spent hours reading equipment spec sheets, looking at national trends and speaking with representatives from many of these companies to rank them on criteria that matter to you.

These companies were rated on the variety and quality of equipment and products they offered, their stated warranties and apparent commitments to customer service. (Customer service is difficult to pin down and therefore makes up a smaller portion of the score, even though it’s a significant part of the purchasing process.)

Besides our top pick, Palmetto, several other companies ranked above the competition. They all offer solid equipment but stand out in specific ways: SunPower, for premium solar panels; Tesla, for lower prices and Momentum, for its in-house installers.

If you’re looking for a solar installer, be sure to get multiple quotes, including ones from local installers. The specifics of a solar array could change given the shape and angle of a given roof or the energy usage and habits of a given household. Solar can be a great investment, but you need to do some research on your own.

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Palmetto Solar

Best overall

Solar panels are typically low maintenance equipment, but they’re also unfamiliar. If you want to reap the benefits of solar but will have a bit more peace of mind if someone else is making sure it’s working, Palmetto might be a good fit for you. Just remember to add the cost of Palmetto’s monitoring service in to your payback period calculations.

SunPower Solar

Best solar panels

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line solar panels, SunPower is your best choice. But don’t write it off if you’re looking for a less flashy installation that will get the job done. This year it started installing Qcells panels, which should make an installation from the longest-tenured company on our list available to more people.


Whole home approach

Elevation’s focus on your home’s energy efficiency isn’t the norm in the industry. If you’re planning on addressing energy efficiency first, working with Elevation allows you to keep the whole process with one company. Elevation’s solar equipment comes from well-established and well-regarded companies. Elevation’s warranties on workmanship and weatherization could be a bit longer.

Freedom Forever

Best for cash customers

Include Freedom Forever in your search if you want the backing of a national company that installs a wide variety of the most popular solar equipment available. Freedom Forever also extends a couple of products that take some of the pain and risk out of going solar, like a production guarantee and an escrow option with cash purchases. Online reviews say customer satisfaction has been low of late, though the company says that’s changing.

Tesla Solar

Most affordable

Tesla’s solar branch seems to be the least loved of Elon Musk’s ventures. Even Tesla’s Solar Roof seems to get more love.

If price is the thing you won’t budge on, consider Tesla. By all accounts, Tesla installs quality panels and makes the closest thing there is to a household name in solar storage: the Powerwall.

Where you might miss out is customer service. Discussion online seems to suggest Tesla’s service is a bit of a gamble.

Momentum Solar

All in-house installers

Momentum installs in 11 states without using subcontractors. While using in-house installers doesn’t guarantee a better experience, it does suggest you’re likely to get a more uniform experience from Momentum. The fact that Momentum backs its installations with a 25-year workmanship warranty hints at a strong belief in its crews’ ability. If Momentum is part of your search, consider the warranties against leaks that other companies offer. Momentum’s is five years, which isn’t the best.

Best regional or local solar companies

Some of the companies we’ve evaluated have scored highly, but aren’t available to as many people because they operate in just a couple of states. While the number of people served doesn’t affect a company’s score, we’ve separated these out because fewer people can access their services.

NRG Clean Power

Best in California and Texas

NRG Clean Power brings one of the solar industry’s most confident approaches to its work, offering a price match and 40-year warranty. NRG Clean Power is a solid bet as long as you live in Texas and California. NRG Clean Power does not offer leases or power purchase agreements, but it does provide solar panel cleaning and roofing services as well as a reliable equipment menu.