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$30 at Amazon


Logitech K380 multidevice Bluetooth keyboard: $30

Save $10

$85 at Amazon

The Lenovo Legion K500 RGB gaming keyboard

Lenovo Legion K500 RGB gaming keyboard: $85

Save $25

$70 at Amazon


Razer BlackWidow Lite mechanical keyboard: $70

Save $20

$40 at Amazon

razer keyboard

Redragon S101 wired gaming keyboard and mouse combo: $40

Save $12

Keyboards come in all kinds of styles and sizes, so it’s important to find one that’s designed to fit your needs. Gamers may want to grab a mechanical keyboard, which is designed for speed and responsiveness, while those who frequently travel for work will want a compact wireless model that’s easy to take on the go. But no matter what kind of keyboard you’re looking for, you’ll want to make sure you find one that fits your budget as well. 

To help you find exactly what you’re looking for for less, we’ve scoured the internet to find all the best keyboard deals that are out there right now, and we’ve broken them down into a few sections to make it easier to sort through. We’ll continue to update this page as deals come and go, so be sure to check back often for the best prices available. 

Bluetooth wireless keyboard deals

If you’re in the market for something portable or just a basic keyboard, these deals are for you. From keyboards that connect to multiple devices at once to ultracompact and portable ones, there are Bluetooth keyboard deals here for everyone.


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This is a multidevice Bluetooth keyboard, meaning that you can program it to easily connect to and switch between three different Bluetooth devices. With it, you can connect to your phone, tablet and PC if you want — switching between them is the work of a simple button press. It works with Mac, Windows, Chrome, Android, iPhone, Apple TV and more. It’s a small keyboard but offers up to two years of battery life before you need to swap them out.

Read our Logitech K380 Multi-Device Bluetooth Keyboard review.



If you want a keyboard with a great design and a bunch of nice features but is easy to move around, this Microsoft Designer Compact Keyboard may be the one for you. It has a low-profile design, an input key for easy access to symbols, emoji and more, as well as the ability to connect to three devices.

While it’s primarily designed to work with Windows (it comes with only a Windows key, there’s no Mac key option), you can connect it to Mac, Android and more with ease.

The first thing you’ll notice about this keyboard is the different layout. It’s a split ergonomic keyboard designed to position your wrists and forearms in a more natural position. The number pad is separate from the keyboard, which gives you some freedom as to where to place it in your workspace, since this layout takes up more space. While it’s an older keyboard, it’s still a great one to consider. Read our Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard review.

Apple Magic Keyboard

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Mechanical keyboard deals

They click and clack, but mechanical keyboards are popular among gamers and PC enthusiasts. They can be customized to no end, but you can get started with a great basic keyboard before diving into the world of creating your own, swapping switches and buying endless new keys.

HyperX Alloy Elite 2

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The Alloy Elite 2 is one of our favorite gaming keyboards on the market in 2023. It’s a full-size wired keyboard that has a durable solid steel frame and a light bar with unique RGB effects. It’s equipped with HyperX pudding keycaps and red mechanical switches and has three onboard memory profiles so you can easily switch between game types. 

The Lenovo Legion K500 RGB gaming keyboard


This gaming keyboard has a simple, minimalist design that features seven media keys and a dedicated game mode key that will allow you to enable or disable certain keys while gaming. And you can customize it to your needs. It also features a detachable textured palm-rest, so you can use it as needed, as well as RGB lighting, and keys with a 50-million-click lifecycle and 100% antighosting, with 104-key rollover on USB.



The BlackWidow V3 Mini Hyperspeed is one of our favorite gaming keyboards on the market for 2023. It’s a 65% mechanical keyboard, and one of the few of its size that’s equipped with both Bluetooth and lag-free 2.4GHz wireless. It also boasts a battery life of up to 200 hours, and is equipped with ultra-smooth Razer green mechanical switches. This keyboard is a solid value even at full price, so it’s a bargain when you can find it on sale. 



This mechanical keyboard has O-Ring sound dampeners and backlit keys with white LED lighting. It also features Razer Hypershift, which allows for all keys and keypress combinations to be remapped to execute complex commands. It supports up to 80 million clicks. Its tournament-ready tenkeyless design and detachable USB cable make for a portable keyboard for gamers on the go.



Logitech is well known for quality PC accessories and the company’s mechanical keyboards are no different. The G Pro mechanical keyboard features GX Blue Clicky Switches, RGB backlighting, USB passthrough, programmable macros and much more. It’s great for those looking to get into mechanical keyboards without spending too much and who want to take their gaming to the next level. 

Keyboard-mouse bundle deals

If you’re in need of a mouse and a keyboard, sometimes you can get the best deal by bundling the two into one purchase. This does limit the available models, but at these prices, odds are you won’t mind.


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This is more than a keyboard and mouse bundle, but they’re both great options for gamers. The bundle comes with a mouse pad and gaming headset, as well as the Apex 3 keyboard and Rival 3 wireless mouse. At this price, the kit is one you’ll want to check out.

razer keyboard


This keyboard set from Redragon S101 wired gaming keyboard and mouse combo comes with RGB backlights. There are seven different RGB lighting modes and effects, four backlight brightness levels, and adjustable breathing speeds.