Best Early Prime Day Deals 2022: Gaming Laptops, CPUs, Monitors and More

When and What is Prime Day?

It’s not long now until the shopping behemoth that is Amazon Prime Day hits us. Starting on Tuesday, July 12th, and lasting 48 hours until the end of Wednesday, July 13th, this is one of the biggest sales events in the calendar year, and a great time to find savings on popular items that you’ve had your eye on. For Amazon, Prime Day is the biggest sales event of the year, even eclipsing the sales from the Black Friday Juggernaut. 

With only a couple of weeks to go until Prime Day launches, what do you need to know beforehand? To begin with, you need to be a Prime Member, to make the most of the Prime Day deals, although you can still shop on Prime Day without an active membership, you will miss out on some of the exclusive deals. To get an Amazon Prime Membership you must sign up for either a free trial (if you don’t already have a Prime Membership) or pay a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 or $139 annually. 

Prime Day originally came about in 2015 as an event to mark the 20th anniversary of Amazon and has ballooned in size over the years, also giving Amazon a mid-year sales event outside of Black Friday and the Holiday season. 

More than Prime Day

Don’t forget, it’s not just about Amazon Prime Day! Competitors of Amazon will all be taking the opportunity to jump on this faux holiday sales extravaganza and promote their sales. You can expect companies like Newegg, Best Buy, Walmart, Dell, and Lenovo to have their own sales offers that coincide with Prime Day.

We will be researching great deals and bargains to help you save a few bucks on some PC hardware and peripherals, so If you’re looking for a new or second monitor, or those old gaming headphones are looking a little worse for wear then hopefully we’ve got you covered. Starting off with early pre-Prime Day deals, we will be building up to the main event. 

This page will be updated continuously during the week and up until Prime Day itself, so if any new deals pop up they will be listed here – be sure to check back daily for any updates. 

Make Sure You’re a Prime Member

To make the most of the Prime Day deals, you have to have an Amazon Prime Membership and you can go about this in two ways:

1. Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Prime (opens in new tab) 

As long as you’re not already a member of Amazon Prime you can try out Prime free for 30-days, but you do have to remember to cancel if you don’t want to be charged a reoccurring subscription fee after that period. 

2. Monthly/Annual Subscription 

Currently, a monthly subscription is $14.99 and an annual subscription is $139 for the year. You do get other perks with membership like Prime Video and Prime Music and of course delivery perks. 

Save with Prime Stampcard

Amazon Stampcard

(Image credit: Future)

(opens in new tab)

It’s also worth mentioning the Amazon Prime Stampcard (opens in new tab) credit. This promotion is only available to Amazon Prime Members. To participate in the Stampcard promotion, you must “Activate your Stampcard” through the Stampcard page, and then complete the four listed activities. Once complete, you will receive a credit of $10. 

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