Best Amazon Device Deals: Sale on Echos, Kindles, Fires (June 2018)

Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers are rarely expensive (unless you opt for the luxe Kindle Oasis). They’re built to be affordable, and this week they’re on sale for Father’s Day. We’ve compiled every decent deal on Amazon-branded devices going on right now, which also include Cloud Cams and Fire TVs. Some are more than 30 percent off, others less than 20 percent, but nearly every Amazon device is on sale in some way until June 16.

You’ll need Amazon Prime to get most of these deals. It costs $10 per month with an annual subscription and has a free trial. Most of you probably already have it, though.

Echo & Alexa Speakers


Read our WIRED Best Echo & Alexa Speakers guide for recommendations on which Amazon Echos to buy. Our Best Smart Speakers guide has some Google speaker recommendations, as well.

Echo Deals

Fire HD Tablets


We’re fans of some of Amazon’s Fire Tablets. The Fire HD 8 and Fire HD 10 are our two favorites, along with the Fire HD 8 Kids Edition (if you’re buying for a little one). All three are listed in our Which is the Best Fire Tablet? guide.

For most folks, the Fire HD 7 isn’t the best to buy because of its lower quality screen, processing power, battery life, and camera. But it is also on sale this week and is dirt cheap, perfect for a kid. Amazon also has a free 30-day trial to its FreeTime Unlimited featuring kid-friendly games, books, and TV service.

Fire Tablet Deals



The Kindle Paperwhite is our favorite ebook reader. It’s $100 and gives you a light and incredible month-long battery life. But it’s not the only decent e-reader Amazon makes. You can read about every Kindle in Our Favorite Kindles.

If you do buy a Kindle from Amazon, check out Kindle Unlimited. It’s $10 a month, but you can read unlimited books (and listen to Audible books) for that price. If you’re an avid reader, the math is in your favor.

Kindle Deals

Cloud Cams


The Amazon Cloud Cam allows you to monitor your home and do other things like allow Amazon delivery folks to enter your home. You can access video for the last 24 hours and it has features like night vision and two-way audio. To get more, Amazon has a subscription with features like person detection.

Cloud Cam Deals

Fire TVs


Amazon’s latest Fire TV supports hands-free Alexa and some advanced features like 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos sound. The other Fire TVs are now just compact dongles for your TV, and easily tuck away without much hassle. The Fire TV 4K is one of our picks for the Best TV Streaming Devices.

Fire TV Deals

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