Asus to Launch ROG Matrix RTX 4090 Overclocking Champ Next Week

Asus is set to launch its flagship ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 graphics card next week on September 19, 2023. The graphics board was announced at Computex, but the company only shared that it uses an innovative closed-loop cooling system with a liquid metal thermal interface. Meanwhile, the product has already become a legend as it nearly conquered a 4 GHz GPU frequency, an industry’s first.

“The wait is almost over,” an Asus tweet reads. “Count down to the official launch of our flagship graphics card – the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090.”

The Asus ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 is one of the most mysterious products introduced recently. We know it carries Nvidia’s AD102 graphics processor and 24 GB of GDDR6X memory. However, Asus has been tight-lipped about out-of-box clocks of both the GPU and SGRAM, instead focusing on its custom printed circuit board with a sophisticated voltage regulating module and its cooling system with Liquid Metal thermal interface.

Plenty of clean power and a powerful cooling system are indeed required for successful overclocking. So, all makers of graphics cards tend to use custom PCBs with powerful VRMs and an all-in-one 360-mm liquid cooling system. What sets the ROG Matrix RTX 4090 graphics card apart is its use of a special ingredient: liquid metal thermal interface material (TIM), which enhances heat transfer from the hot components to the cooling system. While Asus doesn’t disclose the specific type of liquid metal TIM employed, such materials are typically composed of gallium or gallium alloys known for their exceptional heat conductivity.

However, utilizing liquid metal thermal interfaces presents certain risks and challenges. These TIMs are electrically conductive, potentially leading to short circuits if not handled with care and precision. Moreover, they can be corrosive to specific metals like aluminum. Despite these challenges, Asus asserts its experience with using liquid metal TIMs in laptops for several years, indicating confidence in their application for graphics cards.

In any case, we already know that the Asus ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 can hit nearly 4 GHz GPU with liquid nitrogen, so we’ll learn next week what it is capable of when equipped with its stock cooling system and Liquid Metal TIM. Asus clearly wanted to build the best graphics card possible, so we will find out soon enough whether it has succeeded.