Asus ROG Ally Z1 Handheld Rumored to Cost $599 with 256 GB SSD

It won’t be long before the Asus ROG Ally handheld series is released. Asus has officially scheduled the launch for May 11th. With just weeks to go, rumors are already circulating of what can be expected price wise for the two models, the Asus ROG Ally and Asus ROG Ally (AMD Z1 Extreme). Over at Twitter, user snoopytech_ has posted a potential leak for the price of the base model which he estimates to be at $599.99 USD. The base model uses the AMD Z1 chip and has a 256 GB NVMe M.2 internal SSD for storage.

The Asus ROG Ally (AMD Z1 Extreme) edition is said to be priced at $699.99 USD. For just $100 more, this Extreme edition comes with a boost to the processor as well as a little extra internal storage, which caps out at 512 GB. Most of the specs are similar between the two editions which may make the Extreme upgrade more appealing given the price point.

The biggest difference between the performance of the two will come down to the processors. The AMD Z1 has 6 cores and 12 threads alongside 22 MB of cache. The AMD Z1 Extreme has a little beefier specs supporting it with 8 cores and 16 threads along with 24 MB of cache. These differences are subtle but can make a notable difference performance-wise depending on what you want to play.

Apart from the processor differences and sizes of the SSDs, the two handhelds are quite similar spec-wise. Both come with 16 GB of LPDDR5 for memory and use Dolby Atmos Surround Sound technology. They feature AMD Radeon Navi3 graphics which output to a 7-inch FHD display with a maximum refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Again, we want to emphasize that these price estimates are just rumors and nothing has been officially confirmed by Asus. That said, you can tune in to the ROG Ally handheld launch event on May 11th to be among the first to know all of the juicy details about these new handhelds. You can check out the live stream when it debuts over at YouTube.