AMD Ryzen CPUs Getting New Microcode With Over 100 Improvements Next Month

German publication Planet 3DNow! caught an interesting bit of information during a transmission of the “MSI Insider Show” on YouTube. Eric van Beurden, one of the show’s moderators and Marketing Director at MSI, revealed that a new AMD microcode should arrive next month. It will reportedly bring over 100 different improvements for owners of AMD Ryzen CPUs, the site reported today. 

Credit: AMDCredit: AMD

A microcode is the lowest level of CPU and machine instruction sets. You can think of it as firmware for your CPU, and it typically loads from the motherboard’s BIOS.

Van Beurden stated that AMD will start rolling out the new BIOS next week. The MSI exec didn’t specifically mention the version, but we suspect it’s the BIOS with the fresh AGESA microcode. Van Beurden explained that the BIOS will first pass through the BIOS vendor, which is responsible for updating the BIOS code. Motherboard manufacturers will receive it afterwards and will probably spend a couple of weeks to finetuning the BIOS and adapting it for each model.

Credit: MSI/YouTubeCredit: MSI/YouTube

Van Beurden noted that the 100-plus improvements aren’t all about fixing issues; they include new features and other improvements. Unfortunately, he didn’t get more specific.

The ETA for the new motherboard firmware is November. However, we will likely start to see beta firmwares pop up before then.