AMD Ryzen 8000, 7000 and 5000 series processors drop to seriously low prices at Newegg

Right now at Newegg, you can find quite a few AMD processors for some notably low prices. This includes a wide range of stock starting with AM4 Ryzen 5000 series processors all the way up to some of the latest AM5 Ryzen 8000G series. Discounts vary across the board but we’ll highlight a few notable deals that you won’t want to miss out on.

Your best budget option right now is the 6-core AMD Ryzen 5 5500, an AM4 processor that can reach up to 4.2 GHz. When using promo code GUDDQA69, you can snag this CPU for $92. A step up from the Ryzen 5 5500 is the AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D, an 8-core processor that can reach 4.1 GHz, which is $241 when you use promo code GUDDQA77. For those looking for something strong on the performance end, the AMD Ryzen 9 5950X is listed for just $372 with promo code GUDDQA65.

The AMD Ryzen 7000 series is also part of the site-wide price drop. The 5.0 GHz AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D with 3D V-Cache is listed for just $399. For a little bit less, you can find the AMD Ryzen 9 7900, a 12-core AM5 processor, priced at $354 when you use promo code GUDDQA74 at checkout.

The 8000 series has the smallest discounts available, but they are discounts, nonetheless. The Ryzen 5 8600G is a 6-core CPU capable of reaching 5.0 GHz with Max Turbo enabled. Promo code GUDDQA78 will save you an extra $5 off its asking price, putting it at $224. The Ryzen 7 8700G runs a little higher at $324 when using promo code GUDDQA76 but it also comes with beefier specs to justify the price tag like 8 cores and the ability to reach speeds as high as 5.1 GHz.

There are more AMD Ryzen discounts than these across the Newegg website but hopefully, this cherry-picked list will jumpstart your research. Many of these discounts are scheduled to end by March 3rd and we aren’t sure when we’ll see them again.