Adata Project NeonStorm SSD Has Self-Contained Water Cooling and Two Fans

Adata has revealed a new PCIe Gen5 NVMe SSD that certainly stands out from the crowd. Of course, we’re getting used to elaborate active coolers being bundled with these storage components now, but Adata’s Project NeonStorm is definitely one of the most flamboyant offerings we have seen. This new XPG-branded M.2 SSD drive has a self-contained water cooling solution bolted on top – with tiny twin fans cooling the circulating liquid and thus minimizing the chances of SSD throttling.

As we approach Computex, more and more companies are preparing their marketing materials, and we are getting glimpses of the treats they have in store. Adata’s press release is quite lengthy; as you might expect, it has several new SSD solutions (and other things). The most notable new drives are the headlining Project NeonStorm, and the Legend 970, which both utilize the PCIe Gen5 x4 interface for the fastest transfer speeds on the newest platforms from AMD and Intel.

(Image credit: Adata)

Project NeonStorm adds a boxy self-contained liquid cooling system to Adata’s M.2 2280 form factor storage device, directly cooling the SSD controller and NAND. In the images provided, you can see that the design appears to feature copper pipes, and there is a little bubble that hints that the structure is filled with liquid.

We can’t see the twin fans built into this device, so if CotCowLand is correct, they must be installed on the far side of the cooler, out of view. Thanks to these fans, this SSD’s AiO doesn’t require a connection to a larger system cooling loop. Performance numbers shared by Adata are impressive, with this XPG-branded device claimed to offer sequential read and write speeds of 14,000 and 12,000 MB/s, respectively.

Adata PCIe Gen5 SSDs

(Image credit: Adata)

Adata’s Legend 970 Gen5 SSD looks more conventional in design. However, the memory and storage specialist says it improves on the previous generation Legend device by utilizing extruded aluminum fins and larger fans (meaning multiple fans?). According to Adata, the Legend 970 has sequential read and write speeds of 10,000 and 10,000 MB/s, respectively.

At the Computex exhibition, Adata will be showcasing the above two PCIe Gen5 SSDs and various other storage, memory, chassis, power supplies, and laptops. If you are at Computex and need a bit of an energy boost, you might also want to check out the new XPG-branded e-sports chewing gum and chocolate sticks.