A new malicious email campaign uses piano-themed scams to lure targets

A recent discovery by Proofpoint shows that a new malicious email campaign is sending piano-themed emails as bait for scams. According to the report, the campaign primarily targets colleges and universities in North America; however, targets were also observed in healthcare and food and beverage services. 

In the observed email, the malicious actor offers a piano to the target. If the target accepts and sends money to cover the shipping costs, the malicious actor takes the money and vanishes. This campaign emphasizes the way malicious actors utilize emotional appeal to lure their targets — for instance, inventing stories of passed family members who previously owned the piano. 

As of January 2024, the research on this malicious email campaign has found that more than 125,000 messages have been sent. Furthermore, at least one Bitcoin wallet has been associated with the scam, containing more than $900,000 in transactions.