95% of organizations adjusted cybersecurity strategies this past year

A report from LogRhythm takes a closer look at the evolving digital landscape, revealing that within the last 12 months, 95% percent of organizations reported altering cybersecurity strategies in place. The research included a global survey, in which 1,176 security leaders and professionals across five continents responded. Key explorations of the report include budget allocation, available resources, preparedness and accountability for breaches, reporting abilities and the effectiveness of security communication. 

Considering there was a notable percentage of organizations adjusting cybersecurity strategies, the report took a closer look at what factors may have been driving those decisions. The report noted three top factors: 

  1. Maintaining pace with the evolving regulatory landscape (98%). 
  2. Meeting customer expectations for data privacy and protection (89%). 
  3. Keeping up with the rise of AI threats and solutions (65%). 

While organizations are adjusting their cybersecurity strategies, there is a gap in efficient communication between security teams and non-security leaders. 44% of non-security leaders do not understand the regulations that the organization must comply with, and 59% have difficulty explaining the importance of specific security systems to non-security stakeholders.