80% of data experts believe AI increases data security challenges

The AI Security & Governance Report released by Immuta reveals the attitudes of data experts toward artificial intelligence (AI). The report found that a majority of data experts (80%) agree that AI is increasing data security challenges. There is a range of data security concerns that leaders associate with AI.

  • 55% say the possibility that sensitive information may be inadvertently exposed by large language models (LLMs) is their greatest concern.
  • 52% are worried that sensitive information may be exposed to LLMs through user prompts. 
  • 52% cite the possibility of AI attacks via threat actors, and 57% report an increase in AI-driven attacks in the last year. 

Although the report found concerns about AI, it also found that many data leaders (85%) are confident in their organizations’ data security strategy and believe that it will keep pace with evolving AI technologies. 

Respondents are using AI in the following ways: 

  • Advanced encryption (28%) 
  • Anomaly detection (14%) 
  • Security app development (14%) 
  • Phishing detection (13%) 
  • Security awareness training (13%)

AI is also being deployed to defend sensitive information, with 40% of data leaders stating that the most promising advancement is AI-powered threat detection systems.