78% of people use the same password across multiple accounts

A new report from Forbes Advisor reveals current password security trends by surveying 2,000 individuals. Notable trends include password reuse and frequent password changes due to security breaches. Other password trends noted in the report include: 

  • 78% of individuals use the same password for more than one account. 52% use it for at least three accounts, and 4% use it on at least 11. 
  • 30% of individuals use password managers.
  • 22% of Americans do not use any safety measures to secure passwords.

The report also uncovered which accounts are most likely to be a target for password hacking. These include: 

  • Social media accounts (29%)
  • Email accounts (15%) 
  • Home Wi-Fi (9%) 
  • Shopping accounts (8%) 
  • Streaming platforms (7%) 

According to the survey respondents, the most common reason their passwords were hacked was due to a weak password (35%). This is followed by repeatedly using passwords (30%), company data breaches (27%) and phishing (21%). 17% stated that they were unsure of how their password was hacked.