72% of consumers worry daily about being fooled by a deepfake

A global consumer research study by Jumio reveals consumer attitudes about generative AI and deepfakes. This study surveyed 8,000 adult consumers from the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore and Mexico, with 2,000 respondents from each listed country. A notable finding from the report is that a majority of consumers (72%) have concerns each day that they may be scammed out of money or sensitive information by a deepfake. 

Other key findings from the report include: 

  • 60% of consumers have encountered a deepfake video within the last year. Only 15% state that they have never encountered a deepfake video. 
  • Many respondents (60%) believe they could detect a deepfake if presented with one. 
  • 60% believe there should be more government regulation of AI to mitigate the risks presented by deepfakes. 
  • More than 70% of respondents report a willingness to spend more time verifying identification if it would lead to improved security.