49% of organizations feel somewhat prepared to handle a breach

Cybersecurity readiness was analyzed in a recent report by CDW. Eighty-eight percent of respondents said they are somewhat (50%) or very (38%) confident that they have sufficient visibility into their cybersecurity posture. Of those who were very confident, 61% indicated that identity and access management (IAM) solutions were very effective in enhancing visibility into their environment. Despite the confidence around visibility, about half (49%) of respondents still feel only somewhat prepared to handle a breach.

One aspect of critical strategy for cybersecurity is zero trust. Survey results indicated that over 41% of respondents have reached an advanced level of maturity in their zero trust journey, yet just 12% reported feeling that they have achieved an optimal level. Additionally, more than 43% of respondents indicated they had suffered a breach costing between $1 million and $10 million in downtime.

The report found that insufficient or ineffective employee cybersecurity training (31%) and budgetary resources (27%) are two of the biggest items missing from respondents’ cybersecurity approach. In making the case for funding, 76% of respondents indicated that showing the cost of a data breach was an effective method in making the case for additional investments in cybersecurity.

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