48GB DDR5 SO-DIMMs Finally Show Up — Here’s Where to Buy

24GB or 48GB SO-DIMM memory is nearly impossible to find in the current DDR5 market, with no manufacturer blatantly advertising or selling kits in these new memory capacities. But one memory manufacturer is selling 48GB SO-DIMM DDR5 memory kits, and you can buy them right now.

Based on a previous report from William Lam, Mushkin is selling three 96GB Redline SO-DIMM DDR5 memory kits on eBay featuring dual 48GB SO-DIMM. These kits come in 4800MHz, 5200MHz, and 5600MHz versions, respectively, featuring a starting price of $325 (opens in new tab).

While these kits are not cheap, they are available and can be dropped into any laptop or device supporting 48GB DDR5 SO-DIMMs. In addition, 48GB modules offer more flexibility than traditional 32GB modules, providing up to 96GB of capacity with just two modules and a whopping 192GB capacity with four. 

With SO-DIMMs, laptops and compact devices can enjoy these new memory capacities, which have been regulated almost exclusively to the DDR5 memory market. 24GB and 48GB kits were originally announced this January as brand-new memory capacities for the consumer DDR5 segment. The desktop market already enjoys these new capacitors, with Corsair and G.SKill launching several high-performance 24GB and 48GB DDR5 desktop kits just a few months ago.

But the same cannot be said of the mobile memory market. Mushkin is the only active seller of 48GB SO-DIMMs we can find on the internet right now, with Crucial being the only other memory manufacturer that has mentioned 24GB and 48GB modules whatsoever.

Hopefully, memory manufacturers will realize the potential of 24GB and 48GB SO-DIMM modules and make more kits soon. But at least you can buy Mushkin’s 96GB kits right now and enjoy the benefits of 96GB of memory compared to the traditional 64GB limits on current DDR5 SO-DIMM memory.